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Is white label SEO for you?


What is white label SEO? Well, white label SEO is a way to benefit both the resellers and the providers of search engine optimisation. White label SEO is a way of an SEP service to offer their assistance under another company’s brand, so the client is only dealing with the company as far as they know.

The white label SEO agreement is becoming more popular as both sides are gaining from it; a company who doesn’t really know much about SEO can buy and then resell and SEO Company’s service. Companies like to be able to offer SEO as it makes their business look better than others; this is why they resell and SEO provider’s service. The client still remains under the company and the provider has their own clients and many more clients, who are from companies that want to resell their SEO services. It’s important that the provider remains anonymous during the process and the only company communicating with the client is the reseller.


Starting an SEO business isn’t easy, so whether you don’t have the time or don’t want to learn SEO, being helped by an SEO service provider who offers white label makes starting your own business much easier. An SEO company will offer you professional services which are helpful to your company, even if you don’t know anything about SEO it allows you to set it up and then sell it on to clients.


Doing this means the SEO services business will have increased, as they are now offering their expertise to their own clients and also the clients of SEO resellers.  White label provides benefit because the reseller takes care of the clients, whilst the SEO provider remains unknown, whilst doing their business as usual.

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Online marketing competition is growing rapidly. This means you can find almost any service on the internet. A lot of these businesses want to offer search engine optimisation, to try making themselves look better and as it will get them more clients. Helping online companies by improving their search engine rankings is guaranteed to bring in more customers.


Online companies are dealing with a drop in revenue. To fix this resellers are supplying an opportunity for providers to increase their revenue. The SEO resellers find the clients and the provider then does their business whilst staying unknown. It’s important for the provider to stay unknown, because this means the reseller can form a relationship with their client, therefore the client stays under their company name.

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