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Let Your Child Learn Early


electric car Electric cars are a great way for children to learn about safety and how to share with other children whilst getting to know them. They get your child to share as this toy will attract the attention of many children including their siblings, so they may let friends have a go or take turns with their siblings. They learn about safety as they have to make sure to avoid hurting anyone and not to go near busy roads; they should have parental supervision at all times when using these cars. This toy will bring such a big smile to your child’s face, as they can have so many adventures with it; plus it will get you child to go outside on nice summer days instead of staying indoors all the time. It can also help to stimulate your child’s imaginative play, as children can decide where they’re going or what they’re doing when they go for a drive. Some of  these cars also have a parental remote control to allow the parent to join in on the fun or to take control of the car for the child’s safety or even until they are able to drive the car by themselves.

kids electric carAccording to Snuggly Tots, one of the popular kid’s electric cars is the Lamborghini style 12V kid’s car. This car comes in matt black, red and yellow; all of these are bold but stunning colours. It has pedal and RC functions as well as EVA soft tyres allowing it to be drove on any terrain.  The car has butterfly opening doors allowing easier access into and out of the car; also it has an mp3 function so your little one can listen to their favourite tunes on the go. The car is suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years old as i9t has a top speed of 3mph and has 2 powerful 12V motors. It even has a battery voltage indicator so the car will never run out of fuel and you’ll know when to next charge it.

Another popular kid’s electric car is the Mercedes G63 AMG SUV Jeep. It comes in black and white, so it’s suitable for boys and girls. Its suitable for children aged 3 to 8 years, as it has a top speed of 4mph.the car comes with a seatbelt for safety purposes, as well as a parental remote control. It also has an mp3 function so your child can listen to their favourite songs whilst they go for a drive around. The car has a realistic key start function, working lights and sounds; making the journeys more fun and allowing your child to drive the car at any time of day. The car is even an official Mercedes licensed product, its assembly time is roughly 45 minutes.

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